Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Vrachos Farmhub Location?

Oyo State. Okaka-Baasi Area.

Are Your Farmlands Genuine?

Yes. It is secured. We've done our homework well.
We've not encountered Any difficult issues beyond control since we got to this location.

It's been peaceful Relationship with the Community.

They are very Accommodating...

How Can I Get Training or Coaching on Farming?

Training is offered on-site.
However, we have some Training Manuals on The Commodities we are into.
Specifically, We are more into Cassava, Maize, Soybeans and Cashew...

We Trade in other commodities like Ginger and Hibiscus flower

Are There Markets For These Products At Harvest?

Yes, there are. For example, You'll get a Cassava Business Manual FREE. You can download it on this page it's Free. It's my gift to you.
It contains Real Buyers of Cassava. You are free to visit those companies... They buy cassava products in large quantity.

For Other Products it's the same.

We have buyers (Local and International) But like I said earlier, I will give you some Free but you will have to buy My material (Market or Feasibility Study on Cassava, Cashew...Soybeans & Maize Markets Reports)

If you need that you can contact me via email or phone or Whatsapp...

How Soon Can I Start Making Money if I Start Today?

As soon as You Practically Can. Nobody has the exact time. But from Years of Experience, If you choose the Maize-soybean path, You have a 4-Month Maturity Period for both.
You Can easily produce these commodities and earn every 4 months (Dry season not-inckusive)
Most likely earn from Maize from October... Soybeans from January... Then Cassava (a yearly product)

What is The Minimum Land Purchase?

50 Acres... You can buy 50 acres and above.
If I don't intend farming 50-100 Acres,, I'll advice you stay close to Lagos or wherever you are.
For Arable Crops However, 50-100 Acres is okay to start with.

If You're Considering Large Scale Cashew Production....
For Real Economic Value in the Long Run, Buy a minimum of 250 Acres. Cashew gives a potential 400kg/Acre x 250 = 100 tons (100,000kg)
Current International Price is about N600,000(after conversion).
So we have a potential of 60m yearly after 4-5 years.... even though Cashew starts to fruit from 3rd years.

Just Forget those Theoretical/Scientific New Brazilian Seeds that gives one "yeye feather weight" nuts in 2-3 years"(Such Early maturing only occurs on paper) ....Just put your mind on 4-5 years so that you don't give yourself unnecessary headaches...if it comes earlier, Good...

If you do less than this, you might not really make any sensible Profits if you add the Stress of farming and the long journey.

Is Farming Really Lucrative? Hope I won't Lose Money at all?

Unfortunately, I've never seen a business where you cannot make Losses. Farming has both sides of the Coin.. Farming and Export is for Very Strong Business People.

I'm not trying to Scare you off. I'm just being very Blunt "as a friend"
If that hurt, you may kindly close this page and look for other people that can accommodate what you want.

But for me, I can assure you that farming is very Lucrative but with plenty headaches too.

Come into Agriculture With The Long Term Vision not Hit-&-Run kind of Business...

Plan to break-even at 2-3 Years, if you want to last long and if you don't want unnecessary heart palpitations "Don't Borrow Money To Start, except you have a Very Stable and have Steady High Income Job... Maybe you're earning 6-7 figures monthly and hope to have a Side Investments that You Possibly May retire on in 5-7 years... Fine... Go ahead do it...

But don't be fooled by Hungry Marketers Promising you Double Income Within 1 Year... I'm not saying it can't happen, but trust me... It happens when there's sudden boom... But that boom Doesn't always last...What would last is what you build up...

Agriculture is not "Oil & Gas"... The parameters are totally different...

Hope I've hurt so many people reading this... But no's the gospel truth...I know I risk you not Joining the Club but yes, I don't want people with short term vision to Join... But you can download the Free manual as a gift for taking your time...

If you think we can gel... I welcome you to this


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