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  • How To Supply of Soyabeans, Maize, Ginger, Sesame Seeds, Cassava, Plantain, Charcoal to Local Companies and Export Market. And Starting Agric/Farm & Export Business With Reasonable Capital

  • Get Foreign Buyers and Sell Beyond The Nigeria Market.
  • How to Start Crop & Livestock Production in Nigeria.
  • How to Tap Into Opportunities in The Cocoa, Honey(Bee farming),Palm Oil, Palm Kernel & Edible Oil Industry!
  • Practical Success Stories in AgricBusiness and How I Earn A Living as A Farmer!
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  • Number 1 on Top of The Truth is That:  There Are Serious Challenges in Agric & Commodity Trading…Such That if You Have A Belief or Want A QUICK- FAST-FAILURE PROOF Business, You May Be Highly Disappointed When You Get Started.
  • Another Harsh Reality is This: If You Are Thinking of Starting Commodity Business with High Interest Loans, I Would Advice You Don’t Even Start at all…”Except You are Highly Experienced in Business. and we know that experience comes overtime….
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  • Serious Minded Businessmen will also not reveal their secrets to you if they can discern that You Are Not Willing To Work or Too Desperate and/or Seeking For Whom To Bear the Burden of  The Business…If you want to learn, learn all you can & listen to real advice…
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  • These Businesses Requires Average Capital of N3m minimum…You cannot do Commodity or Agribusiness effectively with less than N3m…Anything less than that is more or less is just an energy sapping & Time consuming Practice…You have to plan “Long Term” Not All these 4, 6, 8 weeks mentality all over town…or Promises of Overnight Riches by too many Seminar organizers  (Nigerians just want to make impossible “sharp-sharp money” that only leads to sleepless nights & unnecessary high blood pressure…I Mean…”save yourself from that and Live a good life”
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